COMMUNICATION AND PROMOTION: AIP AND MIFUR CLOSE 2013 WITH A PARTICULAR FOCUS ON B2B AND B2C The Associazione Italiana Pelliceria (Italian Fur Association) is engaged in a series of initiatives targeted not only at promoting the Italian industry but also the forthcoming edition of Mifur, the International Fur and Leather Fair, scheduled to be held at Fieramilano, Rho from 4 to 7 March 2014. The 2015 edition has also been given the all-clear with notification of the new dates marking a significant change in the exhibition strategies of Ente Fieristico Mifur. In fact, a series of international stopovers – in the USA, China and Europe – promoted the International Tradeshow throughout the world with, furthermore, participation at the Annual Meeting of the International Fur Industry to highlight Made-in-Italy products.
NEW DATES FOR MIFUR 2015 For the first time, Mifur will be held in February: Scheduled to run  from 15 to 18 February, the 2015 edition will take place 3 weeks earlier than the fair’s traditional dates. The 20th edition of the International Fur and Leather Fair will be staged in conjunction with Mipel and TheMicam, the International Fairs dedicated respectively to bags and footwear. “This is a choice which both in terms of our operators and the particular nature of our product will require an enormous effort on the part of those companies who are in the process of preparing their collections. However, it is a choice that has been made in keeping with the largest fashion fairs in the world  who have already anticipated their events calendars or who, like us, are preparing to anticipate their schedules to respond to market requirements”, commented Norberto Albertalli, President of Mifur. “Mifur is an international Fair, the most important in its sector and, as such, cannot not rise to the challenge and align itself with the new panorama.”
THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL FUR INDUSTRY Invited to participate at the Annual Meeting of the International Fur Industry on 11 November, Secretary General of Mifur Elena Salvaneschi gave a speech - prepared by Mifur’s President Norberto Albertalli - on Italian fur, current scenarios and the evolution of models and trends in today’s panorama with a focus on the new dynamics of the Chinese market. The audience of Asian and international operators were provided with in-depth information about the outstanding features of Mifur, the International Fur and Leather Show.
A QUARTER DEDICATED TO PROMOTION AND INFORMATION ABOUT CONSUMERS The advertising campaign in daily national newspapers is ongoing and the fashion showcase of Wonderfur has been strengthened even further to give exposure to fur brands.  Collaboration with fashion bloggers continues and an initiative, scheduled to be launched by the Regione Lombardia on Italian Personal Shoppers for a marketing action targeted, above all, at promoting foreign Shopping Tours is set to take off and will be presented officially at the forthcoming edition of Mifur. “It is the Association’s mission to provide ideas and indicate new openings for its associates in order to be a winning presence on the market” commented Roberto Scarpetta President of AIP. “Bearing this in mind, our idea was to develop a project dedicated to  retailers. We have used our Wonderfurs platform to implement a section dedicated to the Fur Shops of Italy which will then be presented and given exposure in the magazine. And to ensure that this new showcase effectively becomes an opportunity for its actors, we are developing a network of collaboration with the most important agencies promoting Fashion Tours (with particular emphasis on Russian ones) while simultaneously creating a synergy with Italian personal shoppers.”
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